Small Space

Ideal for small commercial area

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Small Space

A wide variety of different fragrance diffusion devices are offered for different industries with areas of different sizes.

Being able to evenly distribute fragrance in the target indoor space, our AIRTEC™ fragrance diffusion device series is also entirely adjustable in terms of time or other special needs.
Enjoying a high degree of accuracy, AIRTEC™ fragrance diffusion device can be easily adapted to a wide variety of environmental conditions and areas with different sizes.

AIRTEC 1500H/AIRTEC 300 Small Space Portable Diffuser

Most advanced degree of fragrance diffusion and time settings.

Our advanced AIRTEC™ Micron Atomization Technology allows fragrance to reach an optimum state of atomized mist and ensures the aroma can be completely released as a whole.

AIRTEC 1500H Small Space Portable Diffuser

Best placed on a flat surface with a fully programmable function, AIRTEC 1500H is ideal for small commercial area. The device has incorporated by far the most internationally advanced technology, AIRTEC™ Micron Atomization Technology. User can adjust fragrance concentration and set working hours. Compared to traditional product models, this device has an effective spray volume boosted by more than 90%, significantly saving the use of essential oils. The atomizer produces the desired particle suspension rate, enhances oil transfer performance and lengthens the duration of stay in the air.

AIRTEC 300 Small Space Portable Diffuser

AIRTEC 300 design with quiet fan and adjustable time system, simple operation interface; suitable for home or smaller space range to reach the better results. The diffuser apply of home 9th element signature fragrance cartridge, can easily replace and carry. We provide variety of signature fragrance to select and ensure it matching to personal preferences and different environment.

For example: User can choose to use the scent of vanilla and coconut to create the happy atmosphere for Christmas season, or render through rose fragrance the romantic vibe on Valentine’s Day. All-in-all, various creative fragrances can be incorporated to establish a charming ambience.

Through the complete periodic smart setting, user can also repeat the atomization within a set time. It is a rather easy and convenient device without much need to do any special maintenance. Different types of fragrances are offered to fit well in different festivals or themed activities for your company, making sure customers can enjoy a unique shopping experience.

Model: AIRTEC 1500H
Suitable area type: Space with an area of 20 pyeong or below
Model features: LED Digital Display
Body colour: White
Dimensions: 234mm*301mm
Rated voltage: 220V
Power: 100W
Noise: <25dba
Weight: 2Kg (without oil)
Oil bottle capacity: 800ML

Model: AIRTEC 300
Suitable area type: Space with an area of 20 pyeong or below
Body colour: White
Dimensions: 164mm*164mm
Rated voltage: 240V
Power: 2W
Noise: <33dba
Weight: 0.67Kg
Fragrance Model: ED.PINAUD 9th element fragrance cartridge

Model:AIRTEC 1500H

  • Adjustable cycle time
  • Adjustable 2 concentration settings
  • Easy disassembly of fragrance bottle
  • Seasonal and themed exclusive fragrance
  • Equipment can be hidden (without affecting the layout of the venue)

Model:AIRTEC 300

  • Adjustable cycle time
  • Easy to carry
  • Adjustable 2 concentration settings
  • ED.PINAUD 9th element fragrance cartridge

Recommended venues to use

Corridors, meeting rooms, boutique, retail shop, clinic, space with an area of 20 pyeong or below.

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