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AAM leads corporates to use fragrance for promoting brand competitiveness

Expanding from a fragrance label to the Aromatic Air Management (AAM) consultancy today, ED. PINAUD specialises itself in offering scent-marketing solutions for enterprises. With the use of fragrances, the consultancy helps companies conquer consumers’ olfactory sensory experiences, establish brand image and promote customers’ loyalty towards the brand.

Upholding the brand-building spirit of “always providing the best”, the innovative label ED. PINAUD gradually evolved from a fragrance product maker to a brand name offering a wide range of products. Combining olfactory-environment recognition technology and other advanced technological equipments, ED. PINAUD established an Aromatic Air Management (AAM) company specialised in offering scent-marketing products and solutions (from fragrance design, customisation to solutions planning and management) for enterprises.

Primarily focusing on the research and development of spatial scent-diffusion system, AAM is also committed to develop aroma-based memory recognition technology and other natural fragrance products. The incorporation of fragrances as a marketing strategy concept is mainly presented in venues like hotels, theatres, airports, chain supermarkets, offices, club houses, high-class residential housing, showrooms, etc. The function of air purification allows visitors/customers to stay in a clean, fragrant and comfortable indoor environment; while the use of unique and distinctive scent can promote brand attractiveness and stimulate customers’ awareness, recognition and memory of the brand. All-in-all, such strategy can help lead to final consumption.

Corporate Vision

AAM to become the leader in scent-marketing industry in Malaysia.

Corporate Goal

The goals are to integrate and consolidate fragrance recognition system, develop scent-diffusion technology and fragrance products, and promote the importance of establishing olfactory brand image by the use of scents in potential markets. As the leader in scent-marketing industry, AAM provides customers with one-stop air management system and technology.

Corporate Mission

Based on relevant information such as corporate culture, commercial use, business direction, style and market positioning and target customers, AAM offers customers professional advices and the most appropriate scent-marketing solutions. They are tailor-made to help these customers incorporate scent-marketing solutions into an overall brand marketing strategic plan.

Corporate Philosophy

Honesty:Establish trust and commitment
Practical:Work realistically and practically
Innovation:Break the routine and dare to challenge
Creativity:Bring creative ideas to promote value

Purpose of Service

Upholding the brand-founding spirit of “always providing the best”, AAM attentively listens to and analyses customers’ needs to create high-quality and first-class services, enhance customers’ satisfaction and goodwill of the customers.

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