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AAM helps promote brand competitiveness by use of fragrance

Fragrances can highlight the charm and personality of the corporate, bringing out the unique characteristics of the brand.


Today, our world is becoming increasingly diversified, and yet different brands of products from similar enterprises often imitate each other, eventually resulting in similar product design, functions, use value, packaging and services, and even marketing strategies and solutions.

AAM looks at personalised and individual needs and selects the appropriate scent-branding strategy according to the specific needs of certain consumer groups.The team helps formulate unique and special fragrances with a distinctive and personalised scent for each individual enterprise.

360° Sense Communication

Our team takes into account the founding story of your brand, market positioning, product characteristics as well as popularity among customers when designing the most appropriate fragrance for your brand.

ED.PINAUD Natural Essential Oils

The French fragrances from ED.PINAUD used by Aroma Solutions team are made with natural scent essential oils.

AIRTEC™ Micron Atomization Technology

AIRTEC ™ Micron Atomization Technology ensures completeness of the fragrance.

The technology allows fragrance to reach an optimum state of atomized mist and ensures the aroma can be completely released as a whole. This technology brings to customers an unprecedented breakthrough in the field of scent-marketing. The fragrance in the air (in the form of dry mist) does not touch our skin nor cause any allergic reactions. The atomized fragrance will be suspended in the air with other air particles without precipitating or becoming residual in the air-conditioning system.

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AAM Bringing customers closer to the brand

The unique aroma can awake customers’ memories of your brand, establishing an ideal and strong bond between your brand and the huge customer base.

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Understanding AIRTEC™ Fragrance Diffusion Equipment

Most advanced degree of fragrance diffusion and time settings.

The incorporation of fragrances as a marketing strategy concept is mainly presented in venues such as: hotels, theatres, airports, chain supermarkets, offices, club houses, high-class residential housing, showrooms and automobile 4S shops, etc. This enables visitors to stay in a clean, fragrant and comfortable indoor environment.

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